The Alchemy Bar menu has been carefully curated to give you the most comprehensive bar experience in KZN. Our focus is local and craft, with close to 100 craft gins, a wide selection of rum and local beer on tap.

Inspired by tradition and moved by innovation, our commitment, work ethic and dedication to excellence are old fashioned. But our cocktails are not.

Aged Negroni

Aged in an oak barrel for added complexity

100ml of barrel aged Bombay Sapphire Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari, finished with an orange slice

Aperol Spritz

Italian summer in a glass

Aperol, Martini Prosecco, a splash of Fitch & Leedes Soda, with an orange slice

Bourbon Sour

A classic from the American south

Woodford Reserve Bourbon (double), lemon juice, sugar syrup, finished with a lemon slice

Brandy Sour

The original original sour

KWV 10 Year Brandy (double), lemon juice, sugar syrup, finished with a dash of Mutiny aromatic bitters

Cranberry Long Island

Delicious alternative to the classic

Grey Goose Vodka, Patron Silver Tequila, Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Triple Sec, completed with a splash of Cranberry Red Bull

Dantri Delight

What’s better than roses and bubbly?

Dantri Rose Ginfusion topped with Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Brut

Dewar’s High Ball

Refreshingly smooth

Dewar’s 12 Year Whisky (double), Bols Crème De Cacao, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, finished with a lime wedge

Espresso Martini

Wake up and chill out all at once

Grey Goose Vodka (double), Kahlua, single espresso, sweetened with a dash of sugar syrup, finished with coffee beans

Franschhoek 75

Brandy replaces gin in this local take on a classic

KWV 10 Year Brandy (double), shaken with sugar syrup and lemon juice, topped with Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Brut

Giggle Juice

Our version of the Fair Lady

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Strawberry Liqueur, orange and lime juice, egg white finished with fresh strawberry and slice of lime

Ginsala Fizz

Our East Coast version of this refreshing classic

Blackstrap Ginsala (double), shaken with squeezed lime wedges, orange juice, chopped pineapple and egg white, topped with a dash of Fitch & Leedes Soda


A popular 1970s short cocktail

Famous Grouse (double), mixed over ice with a shot of Galliano Amaretto

If you worry, you just suffer twice

So why worry, get ginned up!

Bombay Sapphire Gin, KWV 5 Year Brandy, Triple Sec, topped with Fitch & Leedes Ginger Ale, finished with a lemon slice

Long Island Iced Tea

Five spirits worthy of five stars

Grey Goose Vodka, Patron Silver Tequila, Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Triple Sec, completed with a splash of Coke


The king of classics, considered by many the perfect cocktail

Cruxland Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari, flamed orange oil, finished with twisted orange peel

Off the Rocks

The perfect, refreshing pour for our fragrant Ginsala

Blackstrap Ginsala (double), served on the rocks with squeezed limes and coriander

Old Fashioned

Sometimes the old ones are the best

Woodford Reserve Bourbon (double), Mutiny Aromatic bitters, sugar, finished with flamed orange peel

Pimm’s No.1 Cup

Quintessential summer sipping

Pimm’s No 1 (double), Fitch & Leedes Soda and Lemonade, with cucumber, strawberries, an orange slice and mint

Planter’s Punch

Packs a punch for sure!

Bacardi Carta Negra Rum (double), with squeezed lime wedges, sugar syrup, an orange slice and mint finished with a dash of Angostura bitters

Princess Chelsey

Named after our special princess / waitron

Bacardi Carta Bianca Rum (double), Strawberry Liqueur, Grenadine, shaken and served on crushed ice

Rooibos Hot Toddy

A rooibos winter warmer or soothing night cap

Cape Town Rooibos Gin (double), a shot of lemon juice, honey, boiling water, finished with flamed cinnamon

Siracha Bloody Mary

Good morning sunshine!

Grey Goose Vodka (double), tomato cocktail, lemon and lime juice, given kick with Siracha and Worcester sauce, a few twists of salt and pepper, finished with celery and a lime wheel

Sunset Martini

The colour of an East Coast sunset

Blackstrap Ginsala (double), shaken with Martini Bianco, grapefruit juice, flamed grapefruit oil, finished with twisted grapefruit peel

The Churchill Martini

Shaken not stirred, distinctly dry, served straight up

Bombay Sapphire Gin (double), a whiff of Martini Bianco, flamed orange oil, finished with twisted orange peel

The Green Monk

When Monks have hemp…

Monks Mary Jane Gin (double), shaken with lemon juice, sugar syrup, shredded basil

The Hustler

Feel the passion

Tapanga White Rum (double), passion fruit cordial and splash of water, sweetened with a bit of sugar syrup

The New Fashion

a contemporary twist

Bain’s Single Grain Whisky (double), Mutiny Orange bitters, sugar, finished with twisted orange peel

We proudly stock many craft gins produced in South Africa. You don’t need to be a gintellectual to enjoy this complex spirit - try one of our house combos, tasting boards, or check out the selection at the bar and speak to our team for inspiration. Garnishes may be substituted based on seasonal availability.

Christian Grey

Concocted by Christian, our very first barman

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Fitch & Leedes Ginger Ale, with fresh seasonal fruit, squeezed orange juice, lime, basil and flamed cinnamon

Cool Blue

Refreshing, uplifting, and a little dangerous…

Blind Tiger Blue Gin, Coco berry Red Bull, with blueberries and mint

Daffy’s Tea Elixir

Simple and oh so refreshing

Cape Town Rooibos Gin, Fitch & Leedes Ginger Ale, with fresh orange and flamed cinnamon

Dutch Courage

An unexpected twist on a classic

House Citrus Gin, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, with lemon wedge, activated rosemary, star anise and a hint of balsamic reduction

Mother’s Ruin

Can’t help loving this one

House Pink Lady Gin, Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic, with strawberries, cucumber, mint and an orange slice finished with cracked black pepper

Orient Honey Pot

The treasures of the Orient in a glass

Pienaar & Sons Orient Gin, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, with honey and star anise

Royal Poverty

Refreshing and complex

Cruxland Gin, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, with fresh ginger, pear, basil and flamed cinnamon

Same same, but different

Not unlike the Gisky, channeling Thailand

Ginologist Spice Gin, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, with fresh ginger, squeezed limes and coriander

Singapore Gisky

Eastern flavours in our favourite spirit

Blackstrap Ginsala, Fitch & Leedes Ginger Ale, with fresh ginger, squeezed limes, basil and a drop of Angostura bitters


Elegance in simplicity

Pienaar & Sons Empire Gin, Fitch & Leedes Lemonade, with cucumber and Macedonian juniper berries

Summer Sunshine

The perfect citrus cooler

House Citrus Gin, Fitch & Leedes Bitter Lemon, with freshly squeezed orange, lime wedges, basil and Macedonian juniper berries

The Alchemist

A magical transformation

Six Dogs Blue Gin, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, with blueberries, strawberries and mint

The Pink Ginger

Subtle masala with unexpected freshness

Blackstrap Ginsala, Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic, with fresh ginger, squeezed limes, mint and a dash of Mutiny Aromatic bitters

Rum has an origin in slavery, but it also has an origin in the world being connected and coming to where we are today. Gaining in popularity around the globe, here are our versions of some historic rum cocktails

Cuba Libre

One of the most popular mixes globally

Bacardi Carta Oro Rum (double), Coke and freshly squeezed lime wedges

Dark ‘n Stormy

Our version of the Bermudan classic

Bacardi Carta Negra Rum (double), Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer, with freshly squeezed lime wedges

Monkey Wrench

The name says it all

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum (double), grapefruit juice and Fitch & Leedes Lemonade

Walk the Plank

Wonderful alternative to the Cuba Libre

Blackstrap Cassia Rum (double), Fitch & Leedes Ginger Ale and freshly squeezed lime wedges

Someone once said that coffee is what you drink until it’s time to have wine. We serve excellent examples of both. Our wine selection is inspired by rarity, the unusual, special experiences, and more often than not, value. As a result, it changes regularly. We will gladly chat to you about your preferences and our latest finds. Step into The ‘Other’ Room, our cellar, for more options and to awaken your inner oenophile. All wines available for purchase and consumption at Alchemy.

house wine

Windmeul Pinotage


Deep red, smooth, medium-bodied wine. Strong flavours of berries, plums and banana

Windmeul Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot


Fused together perfectly in a single bottle, with the Cabernet providing structure, while the Merlot adds a feminine dimension. Aromas of coffee, chocolate and wood

Windmeul Merlot


Generous plum and berry fruit flavours, enhanced by French oak adding an elegant touch of cocoa on the finish

Windmeul Cabernet Sauvignon


Good structure of dark fruit such as black cherries, subtly supported by tobacco undertones. Smooth, with an earthy feel

Windmeul Shiraz


Deep purple colour, medium bodied with smooth tannins and rich flavours of black current and clove with peppery aftertaste

Mill Rosé


100% Pinotage. Off-dry with tropical fruit on the nose and soft finish on the palate. Perfect summertime sipping

Windmeul Chardonnay


Alluring fruit flavours such as orange blossom and citrus, with a velvety, lightly oaked aftertaste

Windmeul Sauvignon Blanc


Dry, crisp and full-flavoured yet soft, with an intensely aromatic, grassy nose and concentrated fruit flavours. Enjoy on its own or with a variety of our small plates (Michelangelo Silver)

Windmeul Chenin Blanc


An explosion of flavour – lively, fresh, typical guava nose. A well-balanced, fruity palate with a clean and crisp aftertaste


Windmeul The Legend Collection Chenin Blanc


Rich and smooth with honey and stone fruit aromas. Oak maturation adds welcome complexity (Top 10 Standard Bank)


Windmeul The Legend Collection Left Wing


An elegant Bordeaux blend showing bold flavours of blackberries and spices, with complex aromas of cedar and tobacco

Windmeul Cape Blend


Deep red with aromas of dark berry, eucalyptus and cherries (Top 5 Cape Blend, Michelangelo Double Gold)

Windmeul Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve


Aromas of cinnamon and cloves with a textured, full- bodied palate. Well balanced acidity and tannins

Windmeul Shiraz Reserve


Full-bodied and bold with overtones of spice. Complex nose, smooth palate and lingering aftertaste

Windmeul The Legend Collection Pinotage


Complex nose of red fruit, cherries and prunes. Smooth palate with lingering aftertaste (2016 Veritas Gold, 2017 ABSA Top 10, IWSC Gold, 4.5 stars in Platter 2017))

Festive Bubbly

Lyngrove Brut


Fruity aromas of pear, pineapple and citrus. Fine bubbles with bright fruity flavors and zesty acidity.

Silverthorn The Jewel Box (MCC)


Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the classic French way. Dry, rich and full – soft toasty creaminess with a beautiful palate weight

Silverthorn The Genie (MCC - Rosé Brut)


Breaking with tradition, made from daring Shiraz. Fresh raspberries and sherbet flavours velvety texture, fine mousse and lengthy finish

Silverthorn The Green Man (MCC)


A gorgeous Chardonnay example. Fresh aromas of green apple and blossom with subtle minerality and whiffs of freshly baked brioche

Domaine des Dieux Rose of Sharon (MCC - Rosé Brut)


Berry notes with a hint of mint and rose water in the background, with a fine mousse developing beautifully into a clean, dry finish

Stellenrust Clement de Lure (MCC)


The name translates as “subtle temptation”, and this rosé MCC is just that – fresh and pure with a hint of ripe red cherries and berries

Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Brut


Prosecco style. Restrained apple aromas from Chenin Blanc and an exotic richness from a splash of Muscat de Alexandrie. Great with our spicy prawn bowl!

All our food is made on order so you may have to wait a little. We use fresh ingredients, which determines availability.

Grilled chorizo


With sweet chilli sauce and mustard on the side



Selection of the best Italian cured meats, cheeses, served with fig preserved in ginger infused syrup, and toasted bread from Yoli’s bakery

Spicy prawn bowl


Great for sharing. With ginger, garlic, chili, lime, coriander, and fresh baguette to soak up the juices!

Biltong sticks


From Bentley & Co. A perfect nibble in between drinks

Thai chicken drumsticks (3 portions)


Baked in plumb, chili and soy sauce, deliciously sticky

Gin-infused chicken liver pate


From Bentley & Co. Deliciously smooth with a hint of cranberry. Served with wild blueberry preserve and toasted bread from Yoli’s Bakery

Bruschetta Traditional


Brushed with garlic, topped with rosa tomatoes, basil and Parmigiano Reggiano, tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Bruschetta Ricotta


Lemon and lime rind, sea salt flakes, cracked black pepper, finished with honey

Bettie’s mini corn bread


Theo’s mom’s recipe, baked on site daily, with American style whipped honey butter and a slightly spicy sundried tomato pesto

Roasted nuts


Mixed nuts lightly sautéed with sea salt flakes

sweet endings



Classic Italian dessert, Alchemy style. Vanilla bean ice cream from Scoop, crumbed honeycomb and roasted nuts, topped with a double espresso

Ice cream and brandy chocolate sauce


Vanilla bean ice cream from Scoop, roasted nuts, topped with homemade brandy and dark chocolate sauce

Malva Pudding


Another family recipe from Theo’s mom. Fluffy and light malva pudding served with vanilla bean ice cream or brandy custard

Tennessee Shake


Boozy and decadent! Vanilla ice cream, house made salted caramel, a shot of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, finished with sea salt flakes and salted caramel nut brittle

Virgin Tennessee Shake

Prefer it virgin? Minus the Jack

Decadent without the booze! Vanilla ice cream, house made salted caramel, finished with sea salt flakes and salted caramel nut brittle

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